Meshing Yourself With Different Types Of Special Needs: A Simple Guide

The odds are quite high that you find it strenuous to deal with the people who are going through any mental or physical disability. You might also have tried looking for ways online or through any expert to get on your best behavior. The facet of the issue is to not revolve the conversation around their disability, focus on their thoughts and similarities. There are certain tips that I would like you to know while dealing with people from different types of disabilities.

Hearing impairment

  • To get the attention of someone who has a hearing disorder, it’s better to give them a tap on the shoulder.
  • Never, I repeat, never walk between two people who are communicating using sign language.
  • While communicating, talk to the person and not the decipherer.
  • Maintain your normal volume and pace unless they ask you to speak loud.

Wheelchair users

  • Don’t just stand there while talking, try to sit at their eye-level for any verbal exchange.
  • Also, a wheelchair is the person’s private space and you must not lean on it.
  • If you have any comments, it is highly recommended that you make them directly to the person and not to the attendant.

Speech disorder

  • A person who has speech impairment must be given ample amount of time to respond.
  • Do not try to jump on the gun and assume what they are trying to say.
  • If you are unable to understand, there is no wrong in asking to repeat what they just said.
  • The person might ask you to communicate through writing notes and you should be prepared to offer them one.

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