Disability: Major Problems Faced On A Daily Basis

Like many other taboos that are ubiquitous in our country, our society is yet to make itself a comfortable space for the people dealing with mental and physical disability. We should look at all of us facing a number of obstacles and for a majority of times, these challenges remind us that humans come with limited abilities. We should understand that a disabled person goes through a further number of challenges and a piteous attitude towards them is not going to help them get better inclusion. Here, we are going to list a few issues that a disabled person has to struggle through which might come across as simple tasks for the rest of the world.


A majority of disabled children are deprived of their right to education and the vision of Rabindranath Tagore to offer everyone free education is yet far from reality. The disability factor restricts them from schools and basic education.


We came across a number of cases where mental health is often ignored and in severe cases of intellectual abnormality, patients are often highly mistreated. Millions of disabled people are living below the poverty line and to access good healthcare is still a dream for them.


Literally, there are challenges at every step. A majority of places are yet not made wheelchair-friendly and hence for PwDs, moving around is still an unattainable luxury. Apart from these issues that can’t even be considered as the tip of the iceberg, we are yet to deal with the relationship aspect, patronizing the disabled people (yes, it makes things worse), bullying, and much more.

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