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Creating Accessible Word & PDF documents by Daisy Consortium

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About This Course

Author: DAISY Consortium
Duration: 3 weeks

Learn to create documents that can be accessed by everyone including persons with disabilities. Fulfill your legal obligations by conforming to the accessibility standards. The documents you will create will also be easily convertible to other formats i.e. PDF, EPUB, DAISY, HTML, Braille, Large Print.

As a part of the course you are required to study the tutorials online, watch the videos and perform certain exercises. Your work will be evaluated by the trainer and on successful completion of the course you will get a certificate.

Course outline:
Why care about information accessibility?
Overview of print disabilities
Assistive technologies for reading
Digital barriers that cause inaccessibility
Accessibility guidelines
Preparing accessible Microsoft Word documents
Step 1: Creating structured Word documents
Document preparation exercise
The Microsoft Accessibility Checker
Step 2: Using Accessibility Checker
Manual testing for accessibility
Step 3: Using NVDA for manual accessibility testing
Document Accessibility checking exercise
Fixing accessibility issues
Creation of PDF & other formats from accessible Word files
Creating accessible PDF from word document
Creating other accessible formats from word document
Further reading and support
This course makes use of resources created by Microsoft on use of the Office Accessibility Checker tool. The source tutorials and videos are located on the Microsoft website.


Anyone with knowledge of basic MS Word and pdf document can pursue this course.

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