Indic AI has partnered with leading MNC’s to create a diverse and inclusive workforce. We help people with disabilities find a job based on their qualifications and skillsets. Our organisation wants to enable the dreams of millions of people with disabilities still looking for a livelihood option.

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Sujeet Kumar Junior Associate HDFC Ergo

Hello everyone, I found a great job via Indic AI at HDFC Ergo General Insurance of junior associate. I met one of the my inspiration Mr Faisal Ashraf Noumani. He is a job counselor at Indic AI and he suggested me this wonderful company. Now I'm doing well with HDFC Ergo.

Akriti Goel Administrative Assistant at Macquarie

Getting a job at Macquarie has been like a dream coming true to me. I am really thankful to Indic AI for helping me out at every step. Keep up the good work guys. I hope you keep helping others as well.

Irshad Ahmad Team Member at Bank Of America

I am Irshad Ahmad and I'm truly thankful to the Indic AI team for giving me this opportunity. I truly appreciate the efforts made by Faisal sir and team. You are doing a great job. I will make most of this opportunity.

Akash Tank Team Member at Bank Of America

Very much fortunate throughout out the journey and glad to say that about people for this organisation. They are great and supportive. In two years of my journey with this organisation I can say it's fantastic and mind-blowing. They have proven to be a blessing for me.

Soundarya Kumar Trainee Software Engineer at HSBC

Being a visually impaired person, it was quite a difficult task for me to land a job, let alone in the sector of my interest. Thanks to Indic AI & team, I was able to join HSBC as a Trainee Software Engineer. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity.

Megha Mohan Customer Care Executive at Saraathee CRM Pvt. Ltd.

I am Megha and I got placed in Saraathee as a Customer Care Executive. I am suffering from CP and it has created a number of hindrances for me in my life. Faisal sir from Indic AI send this opportunity my way and I'm quite happy with my role here.

Harsh Raj Team Member at Bank Of America

I have joined BOFA as a team member and when the job came my way through Indic AI, I felt quite relieved. As I'm a wheelchair-user, the opportunities are quite limited. Thank you Indic AI.

Aniket Raut Trainee Software Engineer at HSBC

My name is Aniket and I'm a person with visual impairment. I was looking for jobs when I found out about Indic AI and it was a one-stop shop for everything when it comes to PwDs. Along with skill development courses, they are also finding suitable job opportunities for us. Thanks to Faisal sir, I got placed in HSBC as Trainee Software Engineer.