Apply for Scholarship
and Career Guidance

Indic AI provides career guidance and scholarship support to students with disabilities for preparing for admissions in top tier colleges in India and abroad. If you have dreamt of studying in a foreign university or a Top Indian college, Indic AI will help you realise your dream.

Three Easy Step to apply for scholarship

We handle everything for you!

Steps for applying for scholarship
  1. Send an email to for the support you need.
  2. On receiving the mail, our team will call the applicant to understand the nature of application. On being shortlisted for scholarship and or career guidance programme, the team will then verify all the documents of students. (List of documents: disability certificates, education qualifications, mark sheets, residential proof, Family Income, Income proofs etc). 
  3. The scholarships raised will be used to pay the tuition fees to the education institute directly where the student is enrolled for admission preparation

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