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How can I Volunteer with Indic AI Foundation

1) Join us as Mentors: share your knowledge and experience to mentor and guide differently-abled students, who are passionate to achieve their career goals. Minimum requirement is 2 hours in a month.
2) Spread the awareness
  • If you know any differently-abled students who are studying in 10th, 11th, 12th or pursuing graduation, postgraduation or are working professionals; ask them to contact us for Career Guidance and for access to education material. 
  • Contact NGOs for differently-abled students in your cities and ask them to contact us for access to education material for their students. 
  • Tag Indic AI foundation in your social media.
3) Ask your companies to join us as Training Partners and Recruiters: the training material used by your company for Internal training of its employees can be converted into accessible format by Indic AI and made available to our students. Companies can also join us as recruiters to hire our students. 

4) Training Institutes may join us as Content Partners. Training Institutes may become content providers for courses on our LMS.

Volunteers/interns for 2019-20
We would like to thank following volunteers to help us during the year in developing ML models, task automation and performing QA of machine generated transcripts of educational audio/video content:
a) Vikas Garg
b) Raghav Sharma
c) Siddhant Mukherjee