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Our Philosophy


Our key focus is on solving challenges that prevent financial and educational mainstreaming of differently abled individuals. We are creating intelligent tech solutions focussing on their accessibility, education, inclusion and employment.


We have a strong commitment to use artificial intelligence and technology for social good and provide Applied AI Solutions at nominal price to the end users.

Artificial Intelligence Focus

AI is revolutionizing multiple facets of our lives. We are leveraging the power of AI to challenge the status quo and create tech interventions to significantly alter how these challenges are being addressed presently.





Our students say it best

"Indic AI foundation is the best organisation for providing accessible educational material for competitive exams to the differently abled people. I am personally utilising its facilities for preparing for Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination. It has given me various opportunities to get access to best coaching institutes in Delhi for UPSC exam. It also helps in getting in touch with various fellow UPSC aspirants and achievers.I personally feel Indic AI is the best place for turning one’s dreams into reality." - Prince Kumar Singh (Pursuing Masters from JNU University)

"This is to express heartiest gratitude to Indic AI Foundation, which after joining the college has been of great help to me. They provided proper Mentorship in all possible way for the betterment of my studies and technical skills. The mentoring program has been a great success.In a world where seemingly every piece of information can be googled, there is still some knowledge that can only be gained through experience. They encouraged me to pursue technical courses such as Python, AI ML etc and further facilitated to enroll them.I could also get an opportunity to work for some very renowned startups such as translation purposes) and (for accessibility testing). These practical experiences are helping me a lot to understand real world problems and their approach. Such constant support has given me independence to think through ways to create visibility and access for my career exploration, further studies and self-projects. I am highly grateful to the institute for their invaluable guidance and continuous support." - Saurabh Prasad (pursuing CSE under graduation in IIIT Delhi)

"My name is Manjot Singh, a computer science undergraduate at the University of British Columbia, studying with 100% scholarship. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Indic AI Foundation for their support. They put me in touch of some truly amazing individuals, offered invaluable guidance and provided rare opportunities, like allowing me to take online English speaking classes. There are a lot of resources out there, and Indic AI gave me a proper direction and taught me how to tap into the springs of knowledge. But above all, while I was unsure about my scholarship and was in the struggling phase, Indic AI stood beside me, firm and solid, and was arranging funds for financial support for me." - Manjot Singh (pursuing CSE under graduation in University of British Columbia)