Indic AI : Disability to Distinction

Inclusive Education and Employment for “People with Disabilities”


IndicAI is a Non-profit transforming Ability into Distinction for “People with Disabilities” to help them become active participants in the economy and realize their potential. Our venture has also been selected by IIM- Bangalore for NSRCEL social incubation program among 9 other esteemed organizations aiming to bring a change in society.

Indic Sign 3D Animation App

India’s first 3D animation app that translates English into Indian Sign Language in real time using Machine Learning and Deep Learning. An indigenous app to break communication barriers made specifically for the Indian Subcontinent. Indic- Sign is an effort to develop an uniform and alternate language for English and regional languages for the community.

Our Educational Partners

Indic-AI has vowed to make the Right to an Inclusive, Equitable, and Quality Education a REALITY.  

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My first interaction with Indic AI was a call with Sarita ma’am. I was touched by her warmth and the sheer willingness to reach out to blind students who need her help. Since then, she has been a guide and a mentor for me in my professional career. In fact, my internship in Kognoz Research and Consulting as a software engineer was possible because she helped me connect with the company. I have been a part of one project of Indic AI as well. I and my brother Prachurya Kumar Pradhan, both international chess players, gave coaching to over 25 players from all over the country for 24 weeks through Indic AI. It was not only beneficial to the players, but also for me it was a mean to refine my communication skills, improve my teaching skills and enhance my understanding for the needs of my beloved blind community. I am thankful to Indic AI for the opportunity. I wish the organization lots of success in its endeavor to bringing inclusiveness in the country.

Soundarya Kumar Pradhan

I am a visually challenged student, Doing MBA. I wanted to do the stock market course. but, no one was ready to give admission, due to my blindness. Coincidentally, I had connected with INDIC AI. And then, my professional life was changed. Now, I am doing the best stock market course from a reputed institute, because of Indic AI. Indic AI is the best, for visually challenged people. They provide the best of the best material to learn anything, in our professional courier. Now I can say confidently that, with the help of Indic AI, we can enhance our skills, as well as, we can learn anything, without having any type of barrier. I think Indic AI is, a new way to achieve success. Thank you Indic AI, for the Support.

Aniket Raut Placed as Trainee Software Engineer in HSBC

I'm really very delighted to be part of Indic AI. It helped me to develop my personality and is playing important role in process of achieving my goals. Currently, I am enrolled with Unacademy for the preparation of UPSC. I have regularly attended the reading club and have huge admiration for all the readers.

Shrusti Jain Preparing for UPSC

We don't usually get such platforms to learn to discuss our perspective, but here we get opportunity to not only discuss the learnings of the story, but the story is read by very sweet Voices! We can practice listening and understanding other's perspectives. Unless we understand what others are saying, we can't discuss. I am grateful for the team of Indic AI for such programmes.

Hoor Jinwala

I am Rahul Gosain, a visually impaired student currently pursuing my MBA from FMS New Delhi. I am writing this in order to show my gratitude towards Indic AI and their mentors for providing me with invaluable knowledge and skills, which I am sure would be valuable for me not only in my career but in other aspects of life too. And hence I would like to thank you for providing me an opportunity to study and learn under your guidance. Indic has been a huge support in my life.

Rahul Gosain

Developing a skill is always a path that a curious mind would take. However, having certain physical barriers, thanks to SMA, attending training sessions and classes have not been very easy for me. I am writing content for multiple genres for almost 3 years now and if Indic AI Foundation and I haven't crossed paths, I would never be able to develop this skill on a professional level. Thanks to the Content Writing Course, my earnings have grown exponentially and I can now call myself financially independent to a good extent. Thank you Indic AI.

Saifullah Khalidi Enrolled in Content Writing Course

Vedantu has been an excellent learning platform. All concepts are explained by expert teachers who are amazing at their jobs. Vedantu has also accepted me with my challenges and disabilities and I’m thankful to all teachers and staff who have helped me with all the materials and guided me along the way.

Bhuvika Agrawal Enrolled in 11th standard After School Support Classes

Hello, my name is Akriti. I am a person with blood disorder. It was hard for me to get a suitable job for myself given my medical condition. Therefore, getting a job at Macquarie has been like a dream coming true for me. I am really thankfull to Indic AI for helping me out at every step. I am indebted to you for your constant support.

Akriti Goel Placed in Macquarie as Admin Assistant

Hello Indic - ai foundation. Thank you so much for give me opportunity in hdfc bank I'm really excited to work , it's helps me a lot where no ngo nd foundation did't help me , only Indic ai foundation helps me.

Aman Tanwar Intern, HDFC Bank

It is well said " If you try to take one step for your betterment then you will automatically get a hundred ways to achieve your goal" Hello, my name is Rachana. I am orthopedically disabled. And was hard for me to get a suitable job for myself. I am really thankful to Indic AI which made it simpler to obtain an internship at HDFC Bank. I am indebted to you for helping me find my way to be independent

Rachana H Sevenur Intern, HDFC Bank

Indicai showed me a way that despite being disabled, I can do a lot and move forward in my life. i learned a lot here and umica mam help to improve my skills and she teach me ho to face interview and how to crack. I got intensive in HDFC with the help of INDICAI . Thankyou indic AI

Arshad Khan Intern, HDFC Bank

I have been Associated with Indic AI from June 2022 from that time they have provided several Interview opportunity and at last I have Been Selected in EY As an analyst. Indraneal from Indic has guided me in every round of Interview sincere thanks from my side for Indic AI

Pankaj Gussain Sr. Analyst, Ernst & Young

I would like to thank Indic-Ai for helping me get a job in Rangam. I am a candidate with inclusion and diversity and now got a job where I am hiring people with inclusion and diversity. Special thanks to Faisal, Purva and Amit from Indic-AI. This would have not been possible without your support.

Imteyaz khan Sr. Recruiter, Rangam
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