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Indic AI Mentoring Program 2020

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About This Course

The main objective of this program is mainstreaming the visually impaired students in private companies and government jobs, and upgrade to similar skills as a sighted person working at a similar level.
Each student will be assigned a mentor who will guide the student regularly and evaluate the progress at regular interval.

Duration: 1 year

Objectives :
a) Academic Performance : Students are selected through merit and expect them to maintain good academic performance. In colleges students are provided digital content which is accessible using screen readers for alphabetical subjects like history, languages, etc but they will have accessibility challenges with subjects which have many images or equations like geography economics, maths and science. Though we are tying up with Leading institutes in India to make their content accessible, mentors will encourage mentees to get contents from different resources.
b) Computer Literacy : Many colleges and Universities in India, assist the visually impaired students and provide them digital content and laptop support. Mentors will encourage them to start writing few assignments on their own. This is the most important milestone , to make them independent and bring them at par with sighted students , when they sit for the same job interview. If they are English medium students, they should be through with English reading and typing. If they are a Hindi or any Indian language medium, they should be through in that language. However, if the student aspires for MNC’s or leading colleges , she will also have to pick up English literacy along with the local language. A student should have a typing speed of 40 words per minute.
c) Overall Mentorship : Once the student has achieved the above or progressing on the above parameters , this program will focus on the Socio-emotional, Reading & Communication, Problem solving & decision making and Career Guidance.


1. Should have computer literacy. Should know typing with moderate speed.
2. Good in spoken english.
3. Hardworking

Course Staff


Mentors are self motivated, highly experienced enthusiasts from Corporate and Public sectors.

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